Time Attendance System in Dubai
Interconnect All Your Companies and Sub-sites in a Centralized Web Server and View Attendance Records From Anywhere in the World.
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SKM Provides Fingerprint and Face Time Attendance Solutions by offering Biometric Time Attendance System for Office and Site Integrations at Best Price in UAE.Our Fastest Web-server enables user to access the Daily Attendance Reports Seamlessly.We Supply Biometric Time Attendance Machines at Good Price in Dubai.
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In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient time management is crucial for success. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, keeping track of employee attendance is essential. That’s where our Time Attendance System comes into play.

Why Choose Our Time Attendance System?

Automated Accuracy:

Our Time Attendance System eliminates the hassle of manual attendance tracking. Say goodbye to paper timesheets and human errors. With automated data collection, you can rely on precise records, ensuring fair compensation for your employees.

Streamlined Workforce Management:

Managing a diverse workforce with varying schedules can be challenging. Our system simplifies the process. Easily set up and customize work schedules, monitor attendance trends, and make informed decisions to optimize your workforce.

Real-time Updates:

Stay informed about attendance trends, late arrivals, and early departures in real time. Receive instant alerts, allowing you to take immediate action when necessary, ensuring a punctual and efficient workforce.

Enhanced Security:

Protect your business from unauthorized access and time fraud with biometric authentication options such as fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. Ensure that only authorized personnel are clocking in and out.

Compliance and Reporting:

Our system simplifies compliance with labour laws and regulations. Generate comprehensive reports for auditing purposes effortlessly. Easily track overtime, leave balances, and other vital data for payroll and compliance purposes.

Mobile Accessibility:

Access your attendance data anytime, anywhere, with our mobile app. Whether you’re in the office, on the go, or working remotely, you can stay connected to your workforce and make timely decisions.


Our Time Attendance System grows with your business. Whether you have a small team or thousands of employees, our scalable solution can accommodate your needs.

Time Attendance System


SKM is the leading supplier of Biometric time attendance system in Dubai. Our Efficient time management is the cornerstone of a successful business. Our Time Attendance System offers a comprehensive solution to help you streamline your workforce management, boost productivity, and enhance your company’s overall efficiency. Make the smart choice today and take your business to the next level with our innovative time attendance solution. Looking to upgrade your attendance tracking process? Our cutting-edge biometric attendance system is the solution you’ve been searching for. Say goodbye to unreliable manual attendance records and embrace the future of workforce management. Our biometric system offers unparalleled accuracy and security through advanced fingerprint or facial recognition technology. Ensure that only authorized personnel have access and eliminate time fraud. With real-time updates and mobile accessibility, you can manage attendance effortlessly, whether you’re in the office or on the go.


Our company provides an exclusive package for a fingerprint and facial recognition time attendance system, which is ideal for offices and sites in Dubai. We deliver and install top-quality time and attendance machines that will be seamlessly connected to your network server through a secure LAN or Wi-Fi. Our fingerprint reader utilizes advanced technologies to securely save biometric templates on your server or cloud. our biometric attendance machine can function as a door access control system to ensure greater security within your premises. You can generate customized attendance reports for your company by accessing the internet connection on any PC. We offer our biometric time attendance machines at a special price that includes a one-year warranty and free support. Our fingerprint attendance machines and face recognition devices are perfect for government buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, and more. We provide free technical support on a real-time basis in Dubai, UAE.

Biometric Time Attendance System
Fingerprint Time Attendance System


If you are in need of a reliable system to monitor attendance for your staff, look no further! We are proud to offer our top-of-the-line Fingerprint Time Attendance System, which has been designed to accommodate both office staff and site workers. Our attendance machines are the perfect solution for hassle-free enrollment, as they are equipped with an advanced Silk ID Fingerprint Sensor. This ensures optimal stability and accuracy, even in difficult lighting conditions and with either dry or wet fingers. Our machines also boast a sleek and modern design, which makes them a perfect addition to any office. Additionally, we offer Access Control Integration, in addition to various utilities such as Wi-Fi, 4G/5G, TCP/IP, and Serial Port. Our biometric solutions are offered at a fair and competitive price in Dubai. As the top supplier of Hikvision and ZKteco Biometric Time and Attendance Systems in Dubai, we guarantee you will be happier with our attendance system. We Supply and install Fingerprint Attendance Machines for office at low price in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE. Attendance data can be stored either in local server or cloud as per clients requirement.


If you’re looking for a reliable Biometric Attendance Machine Supplier in Dubai? Look no further! We are your trusted source for cutting-edge biometric attendance solutions in the heart of the UAE. Our extensive range of biometric devices ensures precise and secure attendance tracking for your organization. Whether you need fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, or palm recognition technology, we have the perfect solution tailored to your needs. We take pride in offering the latest in biometric technology, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your workforce management. Count on us as your partner to enhance security, streamline attendance tracking, and drive productivity in your business. Contact us today to explore our wide range of biometric attendance machines and take a significant step towards elevating your attendance management system in Dubai.

Biometric Attendance Machines Supplier Dubai
Time Attendance Dubai


Our company is dedicated to assisting businesses in Dubai with their time attendance needs. For this reason, we have created a top-quality time attendance system that is perfect for offices. Our team has put together a winning combination that includes both cloud-based and web-based attendance solutions to ensure that we can cater to each business’s specific needs and requirements.

Our cloud-based attendance solution is perfect for businesses looking for maximum flexibility and ease of use. With this solution, businesses can track employee attendance from anywhere and at any time. On the other hand, our web-based attendance system is also efficient and provides optimal functionality for businesses that require more control over their time attendance system.

We take pride in offering state-of-the-art solutions that come at the best price in the UAE. Our mobile app comes equipped with a geotagging feature, which makes it convenient for employees to clock in and out of shifts. With our time attendance system, you can streamline your operations, eliminate costly mistakes, and improve the productivity of your business!


We are Supplying Face Recognition Attendance System for Staffs & Site Workers to Enroll their own attendance very easily. The Trend of Visible Light Facial Recognition Technology have brought user experience of biometric technology to new height. We have launched modern generation facial recognition machine in order to take our attendance system to next level. Our Face Recognition Attendance Machine embedded with anti spoof technology and plenty of communication protocols like Ethernet,WI-FI,4G & Bluetooth Connection. It makes the Time Attendance Operation Highly Simple and it has the storage capacity of 10000 Facial Templates and Optional 5000 RFID Templates. We Supply and Install Face Recognition attendance machines at cheap price in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.We also offer 7 inch touch screen with Face Recognition Biometric devices of Hikvision Model. It possesses 2 Mega pixel wide-angle lens, built-in MI fare card reading module and voice prompt option. We offer facial attendance system for sectors like construction, logistics, Farming/Mining, Oil & Gas Industries, etc.

Face Recognition Time Attendance System Dubai


Fetching Employee Attendance is so simple as We Make the Process Very Easy for You.

Biometric Time Attendance Machines Supplier


Collecting Data in any form of Data Array by means through Biometric Access from Anywhere in the World.

Time Attendance System Server for Offices Dubai


Stored Data is automatically transferred to SKM Software for Anytime Access with proper Encryption and Authentication

Best Time Attendance Software in Dubai


Finally,Reports can be easily accessible from anywhere & anytime through login secure login credentials.

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Biometric Time Attendance Software UAE


Processing the data for Attendance Report through real time automation already programmed based on your Company Needs

We Provide All-in-One Biometric Time Attendance System for all Offices at Best Price in Dubai UAE.

Biometric Time and Attendance


It defines that you have real time access over time attendance data from any PC/Mobile Devices.It uses real time synchronization protocol to provide user interface access more easier.

Time Attendance Solutions in Dubai


Being a Web Based Time Attendance System,All data including machine raw data and personalized files are stored securely in your own server.Nobody could access without proper authority.

Time Attendance System UAE


This would be used by your organisation to interconnect Time Attendance data from all of your sites or entities.So More the Data Integrity,Lesser the Data Redundancy.

Biometric Attendance Software Solution Dubai

Switching to a web based Time Attendance solution prominently leads that you don't require to waste time in Installing Software and invest money on this.This could really save your budget

Biometric Time Attendance Company Dubai

Our Time Attendance system is highly flexible to Sectors like constructions,Hospitality,Banking, Manufacturing,Retail,Trading, Education and Administration,etc

Time Attendance Payroll Software


SKM Time Attendance System is also embedded with employee self services to some extent to aware and keep on checking their own performance at anytime by their own credentials.

Features Enriched Time Attendance Mobile App

Clock Employee Attendance through Android/iOS Mobile App with GPS Location.Clock-in/Clock-out Anywhere.

Time Attendance System in Android Mobile
GPS Attendance System in iOS
Geo Tagging Time Attendance Mobile App
Biometric Time and Attendance Mobile App for Site Workers in Dubai


Time Attendance Job Costing

SKM Job Costing is an incredible module comes along with our attendance system that offers numerous benefits. This incredible module allows you to keep track of the jobs/projects undertaken and identify labor costs assigned to each project/department automatically based on your requirements. It is quite versatile as you can allocate a specific amount to specific or all projects in terms of pay rates on an hourly basis initially. This means that each job is assigned a job number and name to ascertain the actual cost incurred for each project.

To be more specific, the SKM Job Costing Time Attendance System accumulates costs separately for each product/service based on the jobs undertaken. Therefore, it becomes an important tool to track the expenses spent on each project/activity against the revenue assigned by the company accurately. It is well-suited for architecture, real estate companies, construction, and multiple projects in a single company. With SKM Web Time Attendance Software, integration becomes an easy job.

Being a business owner or manager, it is difficult to understand the cost of producing goods and services to ensure profitability. This is where job costing comes in. Our Time attendance application with inbuilt Job costing is a method of determining the cost of producing a product or services by tracking and allocating all costs and expenses associated with that production process.

Knowing job costing is really important for running a successful business. Our Attendance Job costing Module helps to figure out how to set prices and how to improve efficiency and save money ultimately. If a business doesn’t understand job costing, it might have a hard time competing with other businesses and could spend more money than necessary. SKM offer excellent job costing services at low price in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.

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Extremely Happy with the Service Provided by SKM on behalf of their service of Time Attendance Solutions.
Biometric Iris Technology-Time Attendance System
DF Taylor
BM, McDonald's
Eventually,we found the service that exactly fulfills our requirement.Liked the way how they assist!
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I Strongly recommend SKM to those looking for Time Attendance with Payroll.It fully reduced my paper works!
Time Attendance Best Support
Rajan Prakash
Customers Satisfaction Our Ultimate Goal !

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