Sliding gate automation is an Automatic Gate Opener that helps in opening and closing the gate via Remote Control. It is a great way to keep your property or Villas safe from intruders. SKM is the Leading sliding gate motor suppliers in Dubai, who provide you with high-quality products at a reasonable price. We do have various brands of Automatic Sliding Gate Opener, Motorized Sliding Gate of BFT, CAME, DELMA, BENINCA Sliding Gate Motors at best price in Dubai UAE. If you’re looking for Sliding Gate Automation System in Dubai, you can get all the information about different sliding gate motors and you shall choose the best one that suits your requirements. Normally, Sliding gates are a popular way to secure a property at ease. They are not only great for security, but they also provide privacy. Our Sliding gate Motors come in various types and styles and we supply Sliding gate motors and Automatic Sliding Gate at low price in UAE.

Sliding Gate Automation
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SKM is the Top Supplier of Sliding Gate Motors and Gate Automation System in Dubai, UAE.

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The sliding gate motor has a number of different uses, but it is usually used to power the gate. Automatic sliding gate motors are installed in residential and commercial complexes. They are used to automatically open and close the sliding gates of villas, home, Offices, etc .we are the leading Automatic Sliding Gate Suppliers in Dubai. We provide BFT Sliding Motors, CAME Sliding Gate Motor and Beninca Sliding Gate Opener at good Price in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE. Generally, Sliding Gate Motors are a vital part of any Villa or commercial complex, as they automatically open and close the sliding gates for authorized vehicles through the Wireless Remote. It comes along with safety photocell , where it prevents accidents from happening by people getting caught in between the gates when they are closing. Automatic Sliding Gate Motors also save you time when opening and closing your gate, as you don’t need to do it manually anymore. If you are looking for best automatic sliding gate suppliers in UAE, then we would be your Automatic Sliding Gate Installation Company in Dubai.


The sliding gate motor is an electric automatic motor that is used for opening and closing the gate of any property or villas. We have wide varieties of Automatic Motors that serves the purpose of opening and closing the gates which weigh from 400- 2500 kg . Our Powerful sliding gate motor is a device that has been designed to open and close the gate with a push button as well. The design of the sliding gate motor makes it easy to install and use but it requires special expert to do the proper setup and Commissioning. It can be installed at any place where there are gates, as it does not require any special equipment or tools for installation. The sliding gate motor price in Dubai can vary depending on what type of motor and what type of brand and what is the weight of the gate to be controlled. If you want to save money on your purchase, then it is best to buy from us where we supply and install sliding gate motors at cheap price with free support and warranty.

we supply CAME and BFT Sliding Gate Automation , where-as Automatic Motor of 24 Volt operator for sliding gates up to 2000 Kg, developed to simplify installation and configuration operations. It features a graphic display and protective cover for maximum convenience and safety during set-up and maintenance. It is also equipped with larger connection terminals to simplify wiring operations. If you are really concerned about Sliding Gate Automation for your Villa in Dubai, SKM is the Leading Supplier of Automatic Sliding Gate System at Best Price in UAE.

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Being a Automatic Sliding Gate Automation Supplier in Dubai, We Offer Sliding Gate Openers for Automatic gates with Supply, Installation and Maintenance at Low Price in UAE. BFT and CAME Sliding gate motors are the most common type of gate motor. They usually have a horizontal axis and are installed on the right-hand side of the gate, so that they can be controlled by a remote control or Advanced GSM Technologies. The motor is mounted on a metal plate that slides along a rail system, which is mounted to the top of the gate post. CAME sliding gate motors have an additional gearbox in order to provide more torque to open heavy gates with less effort from the operator. Automatic motors for sliding gates are a popular and convenient way to open and close a gate without having to touch it. In Dubai, Sliding gates are typically used in Villas , residential areas or areas that need a lot of access. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. There are many benefits to using an automatic motor for your sliding gate. It is more convenient than using a manual gate because manual gate has more parts that can break down and need repair which means there will be more time spent on maintenance and repairs as well as more money spent on parts over time.


SKM is the Leading Security System Supplier in Dubai ,Offering Gate Automation System at Lowest Good Price in UAE. Especially, We are experts at manufacturing Sliding Gates for Villas and Building Properties as per your Exact Requirements. As a Leading Distributors of BFT Sliding Gate Motors, Beninca Sliding Gate Motor Automation, CAME Sliding Gate Automation and NICE Sliding Gate Motors , We are one of the Best Installer of Sliding Gate Automations in Dubai. It is equipped with adaptive speed and torture technology to ensure smooth movement in all weather conditions by constantly monitoring travel speed, acceleration and deceleration ramps and current consumption. It is developed with advanced connect technology with inbuilt connection slots of our Sliding Gate Automatic Motors. It has WIFI or GSM Connection Methods in order to access the Automatic Sliding Gates through our Smart Phone APP. The clean lines and integrated antennas provide the new KRX flashing light with a modern design, ideal for any context. It is developed with universal power supply from 24 V AC – DC to 230 V AC to adapt to any type of installation.

SKM is the Leading Security System Supplier of BFT Sliding Gate Automation & CAME Automatic Sliding Gate Motors at Low Price in UAE.

how much does an automatic sliding gate system cost ?

In Dubai, Sliding Gate Motor Price depends upon the weigh of the gate to be controlled. It falls under the price of 2000 AED – 4000 AED for Sliding gate motors. We supply wide range of Sliding Gate Motors at exceptional pricing factors based on the Requirement. All of our sliding gate motors are equipped with Standards EN 12453, which specify the compliance and safety requirements for automatic closing systems that could come in contact with people. They define all of the technical solutions for securing users’ systems. This Automatic Sliding Gate Automation can be in public area or private area. We are the leading Gate Automation Company in Dubai, Offering Sliding Gates Automation System of various brands like BFT, CAME, Beninca and NICE. Our sliding gate automations are designed to be installed on either the right or left side of the gate. 


It is very common that Sliding gate Motors May Stopped Working during Rainy Days or through any faulty parts. As Leading System Supplier of Gate automation System, We could able to identify any faults or system failures which may occur anytime. SKM is the Leading Supplier of CAME and BFT Sliding Gate Motors in Dubai, Sharjah UAE. Our Technical Maintenance Team of Gate Automation can do free site survey and can fix the issues of your sliding gate in a short period of time. Existing Sliding Gate System can be upgraded by a remote, an app on your phone, or even a sensor. Sliding gate automation is an automated system that is installed on the gates of residential properties or villas. The automation system controls the opening and closing of the gates by using sensors, remote control devices, or smartphone apps. If You are looking for Sliding Gate Motor Setup and Installation for your villas in Dubai, We will be your Sliding Gate Automation Company in UAE.

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We are good at installing automatic sliding gate motors and Sliding Gate Automation for low price in Dubai UAE. Our High performance operator with 36 V reversible motor, featuring a control board with graphic display, Adaptive Speed & Torque Technology, 4 safety inputs, movement and safety photocell for gates weighing up to 1500 kg that are up to 20-m long. We are providing solution for medium sliding gates and large sliding gates and User-friendly release lever for manually opening the gate as well. It has IP54 Rated Protection that can be highly suited at any climate conditions. We are the best installer of Automatic Sliding gate system at low price in Dubai Sharjah UAE.

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