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Structured Cabling is a system of cables that are organized in a pattern, typically to support data and voice communications. As Far as structured cabling system in Dubai is concerned, SKM is one of the leading company to provide structure cabling and data cabling . services at best price in UAE. By Considering any network solutions, It has become the preferred method for providing these services throughout the world because it provides better reliability, lower installation costs, and increased bandwidth. We are specialized in Structured Cabling Installation and Data Cabling Installation in Dubai.

The structured cabling system is a set of wires and cables installed in a building to provide data and voice communication services. The system includes the following components:

  • Telecommunications room – where all the cables are concentrated,
  • The distribution frames (DFs) – which are empty frames that have been pre-installed with connectors,
  • The distribution points (DPs) – usually located on each floor in the building,
  • Panels – which are installed at each DP for connecting individual workstations.


Our Structured cabling Services are designed to provide high speed network and data connectivity for office and buildings. The system is a combination of hardware and software that allows the distribution of voice, video, data and other signals in a building or office campus. It also provides the backbone for all voice and data communications.


Data cables are the backbone of any network. They transmit data from one point to another point. A network cabling installation is essential for every office or home. If you are looking for a professional and reliable data cabling services in Dubai, then look no further than our Data Cabling in UAE.

We provide best-in-class data cabling installation services to their clients at affordable rates. We have an extensive experience of over 15 years in this business and have installed more than 3000 networks across the UAE. So if you are looking for a company to install your network and Data Cabling Solutions, we could be our best structured cabling installation company in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.

Data Cabling Services are the backbone of any business. Data cable installation is a complex task, and it is best left to professionals. If you are looking for a company that can provide you with reliable data cabling services, then look no further than our Network Cabling Installations in UAE. We offer data cabling installation in Dubai and all over UAE at best price and Free Support. We do have a team of highly skilled professionals who have years of experience in the field of data cabling installation and troubleshooting.

Data cabling is the transmission of data through wires, cables, or other physical media. Data cabling installation and management are essential for a variety of applications, including data networking and telecommunications. For instance, the network cabling and Data Cabling can be used to provide access to information on a network from all over the world. This is accomplished by connecting computers with cables that have connectors on both ends. The connectors are designed to match specific types of cables that are used for different kinds of networks or computers. SKM is the best Structured Data Cabling Company in Dubai, Offering all kind of cabling services at cheap price.

Data Cabling Services in Dubai

SKM is one of the best Structured Cabling Company in Dubai, Offering All kind of Data Cabling and Network Cabling Services in UAE.


SKM is the One of the Best Cabling Solution Provider in Dubai, Offering Cabling Services like Fiber Cabling & Data Cabling for your new Office or Buildings at Best Price in UAE. We Design your Cabling Requirement as per the UAE Standards and Provide Start-to-End Cabling Solutions at High Quality.

We are highly specialised in cabling design, installation and management of structured cabling solutions in all types of environment like New offices, Schools & Colleges and public authorities.

Being had a Cabling Partnership with major cable manufacturers in Dubai, we are always at the frontline of advanced cabling solution provider with cable types like Category 6, Category 6a, and Category 7. In case of greater bandwidth and Network Speed Transmission, SKM also provides cable pulling, installation, termination and testing and Commissioning of fibre optic cabling and splicing solutions in Dubai UAE.

We had a Tremendous of Experience in Offering Data Cabling Solutions Starting from Larger Infrastructure Offices to Small Mall Outlets as per the International Standards.We Provide all kind of Structured Cabling Services at Good Price in Dubai.If you’re looking for Cabling Services or Fiber Splicing Solutions in Dubai,We could be your best choice as we offer free maintenance and support for 1 year.

Structured Cabling Solution in Dubai


Data cables are the most important part of any network installation. It is important to install them correctly for the best performance and data transfer speeds. A thorough understanding of the layout of your office or home and how you want to arrange your cables will help you decide on a plan for installation. Data cabling installation is the process of installing cables that connect computers and other devices to a network. Data cabling is used for both wired and wireless communications. Data cabling installation is an essential component of any data network, and it also helps to maintain the integrity of data transmission. We Offer Data Cabling Installation at Best Price in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We should admit the good cabling is the backbone of our network infrastructure and it has to offer us greater bandwidth all the time. As a Cabling Specialist in Dubai, in providing the design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling services and Cabling solutions, SKM can offer the performance and speed of cabling installations with more potential to work faster and more efficient.  We are one of the leading structured cabling Company in Dubai Offering Cabling Services at best Price in UAE.

We Provide Structured Cabling Solution for New offices and Buildings at Best Price in Dubai, UAE.

Data Cable Pulling Solution Dubai


Data Centers or IT Server Rooms are the significant part of the Smooth Networking Operations. Our Professionals install & setup data cabling solutions for your office or Businesses at Best Price in Dubai.

CCTV Cabling Solutions Dubai


We Offer Cable Pulling Solutions & Network Setup for CCTV Cameras for your Office or Sites at Low Price in Dubai ,Sharjah, UAE. Our Team will Design CCTV Cabling & Bandwidth Setup for all types of Building or Offices.

Fiber Splicing Solution Dubai UAE


We Install and Maintain Fiber Optic Networks for High Speed IT Solutions. We have the expertise to perform Fiber Cabling and Fiber Optic Projects throughout Dubai. We Offer High Quality Fiber Cabling and Fiber Splicing at Good Price.


Structured Cabling Solution in UAE


Normally building’s cable infrastructure is the most significant part of any telecommunications and Networking systems like IP Telephony, PABX System, Networking Firewall & Wireless Solution. If you need a highly efficient structured cabling solutions to empower a block of home applications or commercial Data Networks to meet the demands of your business, our technical team and engineers will design and install a reliable, highly efficient cabling solution that is flexible and powerful enough to be updated even if any new technology comes. SKM is one of the Best Cabling Solution Provider at Best Price in Dubai,UAE.


Wireless networking Solutions are considered as a major business element ensuring that companies of today stay ahead of their competition and maximize productivity and efficiency. Our wireless networks are built with the advanced and most powerful wireless connectivity technology which permits your staffs the reliability of a wired network and the power of a wireless solutions. We Offer Long Range Outdoor Wireless Cabling and Network Solutions in Dubai. With it your business will operate seamlessly with uninterrupted service and the power to communicate near and far apart.

Best Structured Cabling Company in Dubai UAE


Structured cabling Installation and Design setup is to be followed by a set of cabling standards which specifies wiring various kinds of cables, most commonly known as Cat 6,Cat 6a,Cat 7 for Data and Voice Solutions. SKM Offers All Kind of Structured Cabling Solutions at Good Price in Sharjah, Dubai and UAE.

As far as Cat 5,Cat 6,Cat 6e Cables are concerned, the Maximum Transmission length for the Data Communication will be 90-100 metre. By Considering IP Telephony System Cabling, we can use the same cable for IP Phones where it’s being used for PC Networks.

Being a leading structured cabling company in Dubai & having over 13 years of experience in providing Cabling and IT infrastructure solutions. From Small Office cabling to Larger Infrastructure Networking, to comply multiple server systems, our networking team and highly qualified and specially trained to deliver from project design to testing and commissioning as per your exact requirements.

Our Project Engineers will do Free Site Surveys to your Building or Offices in Dubai. We will design your network as per the collected information and shall offer you best quotation in the Market.


We Provide Fiber Optic Cabling and Structured Cabling Services for Small Offices to Larger Offices at Low Price in Dubai UAE. our structured cabling engineers are certified to install CAT6, CAT6A, CAT 7,Optic Fibre cabling at Top Quality. SKM Offers Cabling Services for IP Telephone, IP CCTV, Voice and Data Cabling will be guaranteed for long-term life. We do provide Patch Panels, Server or Data Cabinets by offering perfect Cable Management Solutions in UAE.

SKM provides affordable data cabling, installation of Structured Cabling services to Companies that are looking to optimise the performance of their Network. Our experienced network cabling Engineers undertake projects of all categories, from single office to multi-tenant building installations. We also undertake annual maintenance of Structured Cabling and other IT Solutions at Best Price in Dubai, Sharjah UAE.

Fiber Splicing Solution Best Price in Dubai
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