Rolling Shutter Door is an Automatic Roller Shutter that helps in opening and closing the Door Shutters via Remote Control. It is a great way to keep your vehicles, property or Villas safe from intruders. SKM is the Leading Rolling Shutter Door suppliers in Dubai, who provide you with polycarbonate Rolling Shutters and High Quality Aluminum Rolling Shutters at a good price. We do have various brands of Automatic Motorized Rolling Shutters of BFT, CAME, DELMA, BENINCA Roller Door Motors at best price in Dubai UAE. If you’re looking for Roller Shutters Gate Automation System in Dubai, you can get all the information about polycarbonate and Aluminum Shutters and you shall choose the best one that suits your requirements. Normally, Rolling Shutters are easiest way to secure your garage parking at ease. They are not only great for security, but they also provide privacy. Our Automatic Rolling Shutters and Motors come in various types and prices in Dubai UAE.

Rolling Shutter Doors Supplier in Dubai
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SKM is the Best Supplier of Automatic Rolling Shutters, Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters in Dubai UAE.

Rolling Shutter Supplier in Dubai


Rolling shutters can be opened vertically or horizontally depending on the need of the homeowner. They can also be opened in sections when necessary. A rolling shutter is a shutter that rolls horizontally, vertically, or in both directions. It can be used to cover a window or doorway. Rolling shutters are primarily used for protection against burglary and vandalism. They can also be used to protect against flying debris caused by storms and hurricanes. Rolling shutter doors are a type of door that opens and closes horizontally. Garage rolling shutter doors are used in areas where it is necessary to control the amount of light coming into a building or protect any property goods or Vehicles.Rolling shutter doors are now being used in many places around the UAE, whereas we are the leading supplier of Rolling Shutters,Steel Rolling Shutters,Polycarbonate Roller Shutter at best Price in Dubai Sharjah UAE.The most common use for these automatic rolling shutter doors is to cover windows that are not meant to be opened or closed. They can also be used at entrances or exits from buildings, Store Fronts in Mall Areas, as well as inside warehouses or factories with large windows that need protection from weather conditions such as rain or snow. SKM is the Largest Supplier of Automatic Gates like Rolling Shutters at Cheaper Price in UAE.


Rolling shutter doors are the most common type of automatic rolling shutters. They are designed to provide more convenience and security for homeowners, as well as be more energy efficient. now-a-days, Automatic Rolling Shutters are very common in Dubai, especially in Store Front, Warehouse Entrances, Villa Garage Front Areas, etc. We supply and Install Motorized Rolling Shutters with Gate Automation at Low Price in Dubai. Despite the Leading Distributor of CAME,BFT,BENINCE,NICE and FAAC Brands of Automatic Motors for Rolling Shutters and Roller Shutter Doors, We offer best installation and maintenance for all types of Security Rolling Shutter System in UAE.

The Rolling Shutter motor is an Automatic DC motor that is used for opening and closing the Roller Shutter Door of any property or villas. We have wide varieties of Automatic Motors that serves the purpose of opening and closing the Doors of Various Height and Weight Limits . Our High Quality Rolling Shutter motor is a significant device that has been designed to open and close the door with a push button as well. The design of the Rolling Shutter doors makes it easy to be installed, but it requires special expert to do the proper setup and Commissioning. It can be installed at any place where there are gates, as it does not require any special equipment or tools for installation. SKM offers best Price for Rolling Shutters and Automatic Doors with Free Support and Maintenance Services. If you’re looking for the best rolling shutter suppliers in Dubai, SKM will be your One Stop Rolling Shutter Distributor in UAE.

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Being a Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter Supplier in Dubai, We Offer Rolling Shutter Doors for Mall Shop Fronts and Warehouses with Supply, Installation and Maintenance at Low Price in UAE. BFT and CAME motors for Rolling Shutters are the most common type of High Speed Roller Shutters motor. Our Automatic roller shutters motors designed to automate store roller shutters in compliance with anti-fall safety requirements with safety limit switches with self-learning adjustment. These automation systems can be installed on automatic roller shutters ranging from 200 kg to 600kgs.Our Roller Shutter Door operators are fitted with a limit switches with user-friendly settings that can simplify installation. Some of our products in the range can be equipped with an electric brake, which prevents the manual forcing of the roll-up door providing protection, while also giving a measure of safety by helping to prevent unplanned closing. If you are looking for Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter Installation for our Warehouses, Shop Fronts in Mall Areas, we offer excellent Price for all kind of Polycarbonate rolling shutters in UAE.


It is very usual that Rolling Shutter Doors May Stopped Working Sometimes or through any faulty parts. As Leading System Supplier of Rolling Shutters Doors, Our Gate Automation Team could able to identify any faults or system failures which may occur. SKM is the Leading Supplier of CAME and BFT Rolling Shutters Motors in Dubai, Sharjah UAE. Our Technical Maintenance Team of Gate Automation can do free site survey and can fix the issues of your rolling shutters in a short period of time. Existing Roller Shutters can be upgraded and Controlled by a remote or Smart phone App, or even a sensor. Motorized Rolling Shutter is an automated system that is installed on the rolling doors of residential properties or villas. The automation system controls the opening and closing of the shutter doors by using sensors, remote control devices, or smartphone apps. If You are looking for Repair Services of Rolling Shutter for your villas or warehouses in Dubai, We will be your Rolling Shutter Gate Automation Company in UAE.

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SKM is the Leading Security System Supplier of BFT Sliding Gate Automation & CAME Automatic Sliding Gate Motors at Low Price in UAE.

how much does an Automatic Rolling Shutter Price in Dubai?

In Dubai, SKM is the Leading Manufacturer of Automatic Rolling Shutters and Doors with Customized Design. Our Rolling Shutters can be highly suited for Warehouses, Malls, Shop Fronts, Villa Garages, etc. We are the one of the best supplier in offering Rolling Shutter Door Installation, Repairing of Rolling Shutters, Maintenance of Automatic Shutter Doors at Cheap Price in Sharjah, Dubai, UAE. Rolling Shutter Price depends upon the weigh of the gate to be controlled. We always offer best price in the market for Automatic Roller Shutter motors in UAE. We supply wide range of Roller Motors at exceptional pricing factors based on the Requirement. All of our Rolling Shutter Automatic motors are equipped with Gulf Standards, which specify the compliance and safety requirements for automatic closing systems that could come in contact with people. We are the leading Rolling Shutter Company in Dubai, Offering Automatic Roller Shutters and Doors of various brands like BFT, CAME, Beninca and NICE. Call us for best offer and Prices for Automatic Roller Shutter System in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi UAE.

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Despite leading supplier of Rolling Shutters and Doors, We have our own installation team to do the Services of Aluminum Rolling Shutter, Steel Roller Shutters, Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters for Warehouses, Mall Store Fronts and Villa Garages. Our Products of Automatic Rolling Shutter comes up with 2 Years Warranty, Support and Maintenance. It comes up with the Transparent design with stainless tube in structure. It is commonly used in the applications like mall showrooms, Fashion Shops, Airports and Banks. It is completely fire hydrant and controlled by the operation of Automatic Motors. Roller Shutters also called as Automatic Rolling Shutter that has the spare parts like End Plate, Shaft , Shutter Box and Safety Photocell. It can also be integrated with Universal Receiver that its Rolling Shutter door operation can be controller by Wireless Remote.

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We are the Manufacturers of Automatic Rolling Shutter, Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters, Aluminum and Steel Roller Shutters at good price in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi UAE. We offer Robust, reliable and secure solutions that ensure maximum efficiency for your business. We provide Automatic Rolling Shutters that combine quality and design to give aesthetic value to any living environment. We provide excellent solutions for Automatic Rolling Shutters which is equipped with start of the art versions. It is equipped with brushless motors for maximum efficiency and better reliability. We are also supplying CAME and BFT Remote Control that can be integrated to Automatic Motors of Rolling Shutters in Dubai UAE. SKM is the best Automation Company who offer services like Garage Doors, Automatic Sliding Gates and Automatic Rolling Shutters at Low Price in UAE.

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