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We design and install Advanced smart home automation systems that will control everything in your home using our Mobile App. Turn your home into a smart home by incorporating Home Automation, Lighting Control , Smart CCTV System, Smart Curtain and Smart Motion Sensor. We provide Smart Home Solutions and Home Automation System in Dubai. We Provide Excellent Smart Home System at Best Price in UAE.  

We specialise in making your Home more smarter than ever using SKM Smart Home System. Being Expertise with smart home automation systems for more than 15 years, we are specialist on increasing the impact of your smart home technology and designing a smart home automations which can be customized as per your exact requirement.

Being the Best Home Automation Company in Dubai, You can combine all kinds of smart home solutions to simply and automate your daily life. SKM will be the One Stop Solution for your Smart Home Automation Systems in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.We provide highly Pioneered technology that will be applied to your future home. We are the international solution for high-quality smart homes.

We Offer Best Smart Home Solutions, Smart Home System and Smart Home Installation at Good Price in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.


SKM is the One of the Smart Home Installation Company in Dubai, Offering Smart Lighting Control Services, Smart Audio System for your home & Villas at Cheap Price. We Design and setup Smart Home System as per the Client Requirement and Offer All-in -one Smart Control in Single Mobile App.

 Our Team are highly specialized in Smart Home Installation, designing and maintenance of world class smart home solutions and Automation systems. Our Smart Home Solution is the complete integration of all your systems like AC Control, Lighting Control, Motion and Security Sensor installed in the home and automating other manual systems in your home. So Our Home Smart Automation is a Mini-Robot controlling all your home aspects from heating and lighting through to water sprinklers and doors.

Our Smart Home lighting allows you to configure and automate your lighting system at respective time intervals or in synchronization with other technology in the home. You can dim the lights using on-click button control. If you’re looking for one of best smart home Installation companies in Dubai, SKM provide world class technologies for your home and villa villa with extended warranty.

Smart Home Installation in Dubai


We Offer Special Packages for Smart Home Installation System and Solutions to convert your home into Modern Smart Home at Low Price in Dubai. SKM is the Dubai’s Most Experienced Smart Home Installation Company who could completely renovate or enhance your house into smart home in UAE. But Bringing a smart home consists of grouping of Lighting Control System, Home Networking & Wi-Fi, Home Security, Entertainment, etc. We Provide World’s best Smart Home Products with tons of Advanced features that could really impress you for sure.

Especially, We Provide Smart Home Solution for Villas and our smart Home experts would convert your home or villa into premium smart home as how you would like. Our Smart Home Solutions deliver lot of choices for attaining sustainable outcome in our Smart Home Installation Designing .Through our system, you would have complete control over HVAC, Lighting, AV, Networking & Security System in your Home by a Single Mobile App.

We Provide Smart Home Solutions and Smart Home Installation for Villas and Home at Best Price in Dubai.


One of the devices that make the smart home to stand out is Smart Home Curtains. Smart curtains can be automated to close and open as for a schedule period of time or for specific scene during sunset. Also It can be operated using your mobile App or Program a automatic time scheduling or Manual Switch.

Smart Home Lighting Control System


A Beautifully Designed Lighting System is a Major Part of what makes your smart home more special. Lighting Control System is considered as a Heart of Home Automation System used in the Smart Home Technologies. SKM Delivers Modern Smart Home Solution for your Villa at Cheap Price.

Smart Home Solution Provider in Dubai


SKM Smart Home Solutions equipped with Energy and Water Management System that could literally saves lot of cost using our modern technologies. It includes water sensors, Light Sensors & Smart Meters. It can be completely integrated in our Smart Home Mobile App.

Smart Home Security Systems Dubai


Our Advanced Smart Home Installation System comes along with Security System like CCTV Cameras Integration, Burger Alarm System and Door Access Control Systems. SKM Smart Home Solutions is the Awarded Smart Home Solution Provider in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.

Smart Home Intercom System


Smart Home Solutions design and install Multi Room Video Intercom System and capability to communicate and Operate door and gate releases from any handset which is inside the Home. More-over, Video Intercom System of smart home can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Smart Home Networking Solution


A Home Network is a Vast Important Element of Smart Home Systems that interconnects all the Network Devices like PC, Sensors, IP CCTV, WIFI Devices all together. SKM Smart Home Solutions design and Install your home Network by considering present and Future capability in mind.


Smart Home Lighting Control Installation Dubai


Choosing how to light your home is not an easy task design. Apart from the lighting design, Our Smart Home system allows you to control the light to be Switched ON/OFF ,Light Dimming on various scene levels ,Multi-Color Variation of Light Scenes, etc. You can also preset the lighting controls that allow you to define the brightness levels through complete remote control. Lighting Control System Plays a major role in Smart Home Installation Company in Dubai. SKM is one of the best lighting control system Provider in UAE. We had a partnership with world major brands that could provide a lot of Smart Home lighting features at high quality.

Smart Home Solutions in UAE Dubai


Now a days, Our Smart Home Automation system have an automatic sensors that could trigger an action that may be Switching of Lights, Opening/Closing of Home Windows, etc. Also it’s equipped with Gas, Smoke and Water Sensors that If any leakage is detected, an alert can be sent to the owner, thereby immediate action can be taken. Our Motion Sensor Controls used for both utility and security purposes in smart home functionalities. In addition to this, Our smart smoke sensors can also monitor the quality of air particles in your home and can differentiate between burnt toast and an actual house fire. It will be useful to Analyze the Fault Alarms Sometimes. We are on the leading company for Smart Home solutions and Smart Home Installation in Dubai,UAE.


Smart AC Ventilation Automation System for Home in UAE

Smart AC Heating & Ventilation

Our Smart Home Systems allow you to Manage the temperature in your room according to the time pre-set or the mood of your day. As far as Saving Energy and Electricity cost, Heating function will be automatically deactivated when you are not at home. Beat the summer with highly intelligent air-conditioning installation that keeps your home cool effectively ever like before. For Example, You shall take a shower in the morning in a preheated bathroom, lower your temperature during the day. Your air-conditioning or ventilation will be in complete control that can be remotely operated using our mobile app. SKM Smart Home Solutions will be more smarter than you ‘ever thought of. 

The smart home is a term used to describe the trend of homes that are equipped with advanced technological features. These features can be controlled by voice commands, smartphone apps, and other devices. It is a smart way for homeowners to control their AC using a device that can be installed inside the home or on the outside wall of the home. The HVAC controller works with your Wi-Fi and allows you to control your AC from anywhere in the world. The smart home solutions in Dubai are a great way to address the issues of energy consumption and comfort level. The Smart AC is an air conditioner that can be controlled remotely, through Wi-Fi. The Smart Ventilation Control for Home in UAE helps you regulate the air flow inside your house by adjusting the speed and direction of the fan.

Smart Home Security System Provider in Dubai

Smart Home Security System

SKM Smart Home Solutions allow you to automatically activate your alarm signal when you lock the door. If there is a movement on any restricted area pre-programmed on your home at a time period, it will alert you immediately through the mobile app by warning notifications. You can also Create smart alerts of security to keep intruders out of the home. You can remotely manage and view your alarm system status and set up a daily or periodic routine to give the impression that you are at home. We are one of the Smart Home System Companies in Dubai,UAE. We offer two years warranty and support. Our Smart Access Control System and CCTV System Integrated into the mobile app will enhance the security level of our smart home solutions in Dubai. We are one of the best smart home solution company in Dubai at cheap price in UAE.

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