Intruder Alarm System is an Burglar Alarm System or Smart Home Theft Alarm that helps in monitor your home 24/7, alerting you and your nominated keyholders, should there be an issue. It is a great way to keep your property or Villa or Home safe from intruders. SKM is the Leading Intruder Alarm System and Smart Home Alarm Solution Provider in Dubai, who provide you with high-quality products at a best price. We do have various brands of Alarm Solutions for Villa and Home such as Ajax, Honeywell and BOSCH. If you’re looking for Villa Theft Alarm Solutions in Dubai, you can get all the information about different Anti-theft Alarm Products and you shall choose the best one that suits your requirements. The intruder alarm system is one of the basic security systems for a home. It is also one of the most important smart home security systems for a villa. Intruder alarms are designed to detect any unauthorized entry into the premises and then alert the owner or people who are authorized to be in that area.

Intruder Alarm System Supplier in Dubai
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SKM is the Best Supplier of Intruder Alarm and Burglar Home Alarm Systems in Dubai, UAE.


Home security is a major concern for most people. Whether you are living in an apartment or in a house, there are many ways to make sure your home is safe. One of these ways is by installing an intruder alarm system. An intruder alarm system will alert you when someone enters the premises without permission. And you’ll be Notified Right away to your Mobile App along with captured pictures. This way, you can take action before they have the chance to steal anything from your property. The best part about these systems is that they can be customized to suit your needs and budget. SKM is the leading market leader in UAE, who Offers Intruder Alarms, Villa Theft Alarms and Burglar Alarm Solutions in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, UAE. Intruders are a common fear for many homeowners. For this reason, there are many different types of home alarm systems that people can install in their homes to protect them from intruders. Some of the main features of our  intruder alarm system about the ability to detect intruders by sound, heat, motion, vibration or other means .It alert owners or other people who have authority in that area within a second.



The most common type of home alarm system is a burglar alarm for villas. These alarms are installed on the outside of the villa or house and can detect if someone is coming near the house by using infrared sensors. In addition to detecting an intruder, these alarms will also sound an alarm and send out a call to owner if they detect something wrong. Burglar Alarm Systems are a must-have for any home. They are an important safety measure that can help to protect your family from intruders. The burglar alarm system or Home Alarm System is an important security device that can be used to alert the authorities in the event of a burglary or attempted robbery in villas or home. Burglar alarms are also useful for keeping intruders out of an area.

This system is designed to detect and report unauthorized entry into a building, room or other secured property. The alarm will sound when a door or window is opened, when motion sensors are activated, or when someone tries to break in through another means. SKM is the Leading Distributor of Major Brands of Intruder Alarm Systems or Theft Alarm Systems at cheaper price in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Not only we supply Home Alarm Systems, But also we install all kind of security alarms system or Home Automation Solutions with Free Support and Maintenance in Dubai UAE.

Intruder Theft Alarm Systems in UAE


Being a best supplier of Intruder Alarms and Theft Alarm systems in Dubai and Sharjah, We Offer all kind of Security Alarm Solutions for your villas, Home or Warehouse at Low Price in UAE. A theft alarm system is a system that detects and warns of the occurrence of a theft. The warning can be in the form of a siren, flashing lights, or other means. It is activated by sensors that detect either motion or the breaking of glass (alarms). A home alarm system is an alarm system that is designed to protect one’s home from intruders. Home alarms are often connected to sensors which trigger an alarm when they detect movement in areas such as the front door, windows, or garage door. Theft alarm systems are important in order to provide a sense of security for the residents of the villa or home. They can be installed on windows, doors and other entry points to monitor who enters and leaves the property.

It is not very difficult to find a burglar alarm system for your villa. SKM offer lot of home alarm products that suits your needs the best. you can find a burglar alarm system from us in many different sizes and shapes, so you will be able to find one that is suitable for your villa. You should also consider what features you want in it, as there are many different ones to choose from.


Some people are not aware of this but there are many different types of theft alarm systems that you can use to protect your home. Some of them include are Keypad alarms, Wireless alarms and Motion detectors. SKM is the Intruder alarm system company in UAE, Who Supply Home Theft Alarm Products, Burglar Alarm Products and Intruder Alarm Devices at best price in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi UAE.

Our Theft Alarm System is a system that alerts the owner of a property when someone has entered or exited the property. It can be installed in residential homes, businesses and villas. We Supply Ajax Intruder Product, Honeywell Alarm System for Villas and Home at Cheap Price in Dubai UAE.

Some of the features of these systems are Wireless connection to a home’s alarm system or security company are Motion sensors, Entry/exit sensors. And the Major Function like Multiple zones can be monitored simultaneously. A range for each sensor that is adjustable with a keypad for entering PINs and Secret Codes. If you’re looking for a best intruder alarm system companies in Dubai, SKM could be your best choice in UAE.

SKM is the Leading Security System Supplier of AJAX and Honeywell Intruder Alarm System at Low Price in UAE.


Normally, Home or Villa alarm systems are an essential security measure for any home. The prices of these systems vary depending on the features you need and the company that you choose.

You should make sure that your home has a good alarm system before you purchase any house. Alarm systems can be a great investment, as they can help keep your family safe from intruders, fires, and other dangers. Intruder Alarm Solutions are a must-have for every home. They provide security, peace of mind, and help you keep track of your belongings. SKM is amongst one of the best Security System Company in Dubai, Offering Intruder Alarm System at Approx. Price of 1999AED-2499AED. There are many different types of intruder alarm systems to choose from – wireless, wired, and even ones that work with your smartphone. All of them have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Intruder Home Alarm System Company in Dubai


Our Home Alarm System Price is an integral part of any home security system. It’s the first line of defense and it is what alerts you to a potential intruder. A home alarm system can be anything from a basic alarm that sounds off when the door or window is opened to a more sophisticated system that includes motion sensors, smart locks and cameras. The price of this type of system will depend on the complexity and needs at your house. The price also varies depending on the system you choose to install in your home – wireless alarms are generally cheaper than wired ones while self-monitored systems are cheaper than monitored ones. We Offer Home theft alarm system and Intruder alarm solutions at low price in UAE.

There are many different types of home security systems that you can choose from. The type of system you choose will depend on the needs of your home and the level of protection that you need. A home theft alarm is a device that detects unauthorized entry into a building or residence, and alerts the owner or some other designated person by sounding an audible alarm.

Home Theft Alarm System Supplier Dubai


Burglars were not as sophisticated about their methods. They would break into a house through a window or door and take whatever they could find. Nowadays, burglars have become more tech-savvy and are looking for ways to bypass traditional home security systems. Our Home Intruder alarm is one of the most important tools to protect your villas from being broken into. It can be installed on windows, doors, and other entry points. When activated, the alarm will sound off when someone breaks in or tries to tamper with it. Home theft alarm is a type of burglary alarm that alerts homeowners to the presence of an intruder in their home. It can be used to alert the police and neighbors of an intrusion. Home security systems are a necessity in today’s world. They are an essential precautionary measure to take when you want to protect your home from burglary and other crimes.

Burglar Villa Alarm System

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