Our ANPR cameras are the most advanced security cameras that can be used to detect vehicles license plate and Road Traffic Monitoring. These cameras are also popularly known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras or It may also known as LPR Cameras. SKM is the Major Supplier of ANPR Cameras and LPR Cameras at best price in Dubai. These cameras are being used for traffic control, License Plate Detection for Building Access, Monitoring Vehicle Movements of Buildings, Gas Stations, High Security Areas, etc. We also provide SIRA Approved ANPR Cameras at good price in Dubai and offering Low cost maintenance support in UAE. Our ANPR Camera is highly useful for Building Access with Gate Barrier Integration and Parking Management Solutions. If you’re looking supply and Installation of ANPR Cameras for your Building, SKM Offers ANPR Cameras at Cheaper price in UAE. These ANPR Cameras are embedded with Most advanced technology that comes up with lot of functions and features.

ANPR Cameras Dubai
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SKM is the Best Supplier of ANPR Cameras and LPR Cameras at Low Price in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE.

ANPR Cameras Supplier in Dubai


Our ANPR Cameras are equipped with lot of outstanding features like Recording Vehicle Information & Number Plates, Parking with Access or Authentication and Fee based parking management solutions. We also provide Vehicle Information Detection system and License Plate detection system, engineered with deep learning algorithms. Our ANPR Camera recognizes vehicle features including license plate characters, vehicle color, type, and manufacturer, and detects phone use while driving, seatbelt status of driver, and other violations with much higher efficiency. These kind of cameras will be installed in traffic Road Areas to identify the traffic violations. SKM is one of the leading supplier of Hikvision ANPR Cameras and LPR Cameras at best price in Sharjah, Dubai UAE.We always come up with most innovative technologies that paves the way for high efficiency ANPR Camera Solutions for Customers and End Users. If you are looking for ANPR Cameras for your Residential Buildings, Offices, Warehouses, Shopping Malls, then SKM is the best choice to buy ANPR Cameras at Cheaper Price. We supply and Install ANPR Cameras at low price in UAE Market.


Our License Plate Recognition is a most advanced technology which quickly and automatically recognizes vehicles license plate numbers at even very low light conditions. In order to achieve maximum accuracy of Car Parking Entrance and Exit Management for Buildings or Parking Areas, we have maximum level of security with Anti pass back function for vehicles to pass through. It can be integrated to our Network video recorder and Reports and Logs can be downloaded at maximum accuracy. We supply and Install SIRA Approved ANPR Cameras at low price in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE. With our lightening speed quickness and preciousness, Our License Plate Recognition will always be your best supplier for Car Parking Management solution in Dubai. Not only Car Parking Management system, But also we offer Building Access solution for tenant vehicles with our LPR Cameras and ANPR Camera System in UAE.  Our ANPR Camera recognizes license plate, car type, Country, Vehicle Category etc., Vehicles are only granted access upon matching all information in the database. Unauthorized Vehicles cannot be allowed to get passthrough the gate barrier. If you are looking for SIRA Approved ANPR Cameras for your Building or for Car Parking Management Solution, SKM is the best supplier of ANPR Camera system at cheap price in Dubai and UAE.

SIRA Approved ANPR Cameras Supplier in UAE


We provide ANPR Cameras system for Vehicles Entrance and Exit Management system for Private Parking or Public Parking Spots in Dubai. Our License Plate Recognition technology comes with  high performance operation that works in such a way that when the vehicle arrives at the entrance of the parking barrier, Our LPR Camera will scan the license plate information, and this automated recognition technology will identify the plate number, vehicle colour and other details. If the vehicle plate number is valid checking the server database, the car parking gate barrier will provide access, otherwise, no access will be permitted. The whole operation happens in a second and thanks to our LPR Algorithm. SKM Supply ANPR Cameras and LPR Camera system at good price in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE. We also provide Two Factor Authentication like License Plate Recognition and RFID System together in order to permit access into the premises for the Authorized Vehicles. Our Engineers shall design a system as per your exact requirement. Being a Best ANPR Cameras Supplier in UAE, We supply and Install LPR Cameras system for Higher Efficiency Car Parking Management solution for Shopping Malls, Office and Building Entrances, Gas Stations, etc. We undertake Annual Maintenance for ANPR Cameras at Excellent Price in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman UAE.


Now a days, Due to inefficient or unauthorized car parking, it indirectly leads to budgeting price and improper management. Managing car parks can also be more complex and Parking Management wants to digitize the process with so called License Plate Recognition Technology. The Major components of this System are ANPR Cameras and Network Video Recorder(NVR). Our ANPR cameras helps Parking Operators and Building Owners to optimize and automate the parking process using Our ANPR Camera system which can maximize the revenue and lower the parking management process. We are happy to have the Most read and recognition rates in the market and you shall buy our ANPR Cameras at Low price in UAE. Our ANPR cameras are easy to install and are proven to be cost effective and reliable. Our ANPR camera provides HD video for high-accuracy ANPR used in parking, Entrance access control and Parking Management Solutions. Inbuilt 2MP sensor provides detailed images of passing license plates. The high resolution enables capture of the most challenging plates including those with half-height and stacked characters under low light conditions. It comes up with 850nm illumination, which allows clear and crisp license plate images to be produced 24-hours a day. SKM is the leading supplier of ANPR Cameras in Dubai at Cheap Price in UAE.

ANPR LPR Cameras Supply and Installation at best price in Dubai UAE

SKM is the Leading  Supplier of ANPR Cameras and License Plate Recognition Camera System at Low Price in Dubai UAE.


Being the Largest Supplier of ANPR Camera System and License Plate Recognition Solution for Car Parking Management Solution and Vehicle Entrance Management System for Residential Buildings and Offices, We offer cheap price for ANPR Camera in Dubai Market. If you want to know ANPR Camera price in UAE or ANPR Cameras price in Dubai, You shall request a quote and price of the ANPR or LPR Cameras will be shared to you within a while. We also supply and install SIRA Approved ANPR Cameras for your Buildings, in order to get the ANPR Maintenance Agreement for your Site. We offer one year of warranty and support for ANPR Cameras system in Dubai and UAE.Our ANPR camera is based on a powerful quad core processing platform and uses Linux operating system for maximum stability and robustness. If you want to buy ANPR Cameras at Lowest Price in UAE, SKM provides Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera system with Free Support and Maintenance in Dubai.


Being a Leading ANPR Installer for Residential Buildings and shopping malls in Dubai, We supply and Install LPR and ANPR Cameras at affordable price in UAE. We also Provide hybrid identification vehicle management terminal with ANPR Cameras that adopts multiple recognition modes for long-range RFID and license plate recognition for vehicles. When Compared to the traditional license plate recognition product, it combines the most advanced high-performance UHF reader to ensure that the maximum accuracy and higher reliability in terms of our Algorithm. If you are looking for Parking gate barrier with ANPR Cameras Integration for Residential Buildings, Warehouses, Office Entrances, We offer LPR and ANPR Cameras at low price in Dubai UAE.

ANPR Cameras with Parking Barrier Dubai


We supply Hikvision LPR Cameras, Dahua ANPR Cameras and SIRA Approved ANPR Cameras at Good Price in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE. We install LPR Cameras for Hotels, Residential Buildings with Car Parking Management System and Ticketing System as well. We are expertise in supplying SIRA Approved ANPR Cameras in Dubai with Support and Maintenance in UAE. We offer most advanced ANPR Cameras with Gate Barrier and Access Control solutions. As far as Vehicle Entrance Management is concerned, Our High Performance ANPR LPR Cameras comes up with most advanced algorithm which makes the operation more easier and highly robust. SKM is the leading supplier of ANPR Cameras and LPR Cameras in Sharjah, Dubai UAE.

ANPR Camera for Hotels and Buildings in UAE

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